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Our Story

It all began with an idea - design products that celebrate the love individuals have for their dogs. 

It led to the creation of a small business called - what the dog nose - a play on words intended to capture the upbeat spirit of the business idea. We started by attending dog events across Ontario - and found ourselves drawn to the dog agility community where we met incredible dogs and their people. Yes, dogs have people, quite a few in fact. We trucked our gear from event to event, meeting new people and remembering their dogs' names more so than the people's! After about 8 years we realized we needed to adjust our business - move online with sales and offer more custom designs so that meant moving to a print on demand system. We have been doing this - selling online in the USA and the UK thru Amazon and Etsy and more recently, in Canada through this website. Sadly inflation and the Covid pandemic have created supply chain issues and price increases. We have tried to minimize the price increases by offering a multi-item discount - so order with your friends and reduce your cost!  This website is designed to highlight our agility and dog designs. We welcome inquiries about custom designs. Feel free to drop an email - - to ask any questions or provide any feedback.  Thanks for visiting.

Say hi to your dogs for us. 

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